Sunday, 11 December 2011

SteamPunk review: Captain Swing & the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island

'Captain Swing & the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island' By Warren Ellis, Illustated by Raulo Cacers. Published by Avatar (2011). ISBN 1-59291-136-6

Warren Ellis an English author of comic-books, who has written 'Excalibur' for marvel, 'The Authority' for Wildstorm (DC), and 'Ministry of Space' for Image Comics among others, has put pen to paper, and finally finished this four part mini-series after much anticipation, and now the Trade paperback is out too!

This neo-Victorian fantasy rides on the waves of the popularity of the SteamPunk genre. Set in 1830 the title character taking the immortal alias of the Luddite saboteur 'Captain Swing' who sounds more like a modern Advocate of Internet Freedom – with a rallying cry of “Knowledge should be free”, and the use of a technology possibly inspired from the film 'Stardust' makes an interesting figure.

You will follow Constable Charles Gravel an honest peeler, and see his character grow as he is swept up in a storm of political high adventure.
The woodcut style of the illustrations by Raulo Caceres are a welcomed sight throughout this comic-book and offset the artwork in the panels.

One for your collection I think.

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