Thursday, 15 December 2011

Film review: THE MAGIC BOX

Staring Robert Donat; Made in 1951 for the Festival of Britian.

With Martin Scorsese's film 'HUGO' the adaption of Brian Selznick's novel 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret' still fresh in my mind I found, as sometimes we do on the the internet an absolute gem of a film (DVD) by sheer chance, in a bargain classic section (part of the Boulting Brother's collection)!

After just seeing the end of this film I just had to type, so rare to be educated and entertained these days.

From a side-show attraction to the modern cinematic technology of the 1920's, this enthralling and sometimes tragic film recounts the life history of the British inventor of the moving pictures on celluloid Mr. William Freise-Greene! A man driven to strive to perfection of the moving image and a pioneer of colour film for motion pictures. Robert Donat plays Mr. Freise-Greene superbly and is supported by over 50 of the cream of British cinema, far to many to list (if you wish to comment and list them after viewing the film please do so).

What better way to spend a cold wet Sunday afternoon than to sit down and be drawn in to a World of an inventor, a Tinkerer if you will that saw that people would want to see moving pictures not just photographs projected from a magic lantern, and had the vision that this was a new Art-form. Now that movies are made in High Definition digitally we should not forget who’s shoulders we have stood on to get where we are today.

We as a nation should be very proud of this pioneer - Mr. William Freise-Greene 1855 - 1921

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