Sunday, 4 December 2011

Film review: Dean Spanley

Dean Spanley
A film given to me as a gift, and a surprise.
A drama of high whimsy, set in England after the second Boar War. Adapted from Lord Dunsany's novel 'My Talks With Dean Spanley', a most charming and well acted film, featuring the talents of Bryan Brown, Jeremy Northam, Sam Neill and Peter O'Toole. Released in 2008 and easily accessible on DVD.
Sam Neil as the Dean is one of his best performances you really do believe what his character is telling you after he has had his favourite tipple. With Bryan Brown playing the unlikely colonial purveyor of wine or any contents of a box (not cocktails, or F/Xs this time) brings a Victorian style all to his own, and with Peter O'Toole giving gravitas to this unfolding tale, as the father who morns the lost of his eldest son, as well as other losses.

It will make you think about Man's relationship with dogs (our best friend), and may I say some of the tale reminded me the animation 'Watership Down'!
A film not for the weak minded, but a film that you will warm to, now that the days get shorter and the nights grow cold. Like a good book you go back to again and again.

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