Monday, 22 September 2008

Steampunk Review: Men like Gods

Ever been driving for miles down a wonderful road, and then the landscape suddenly changes, and its like you are transported to an other World? Well that's what happens to Mr. Barnstaple, going on holiday, Not from Kansas to Oz, but a foggy London to the parallel world of Utopia.

Men like Gods by H. G. Wells

ISBN: 0-8495-5847-6

A socialist (state-controlled) garden paradise set far into the future, and after 'The age of confusion' gave birth to the five Utopian principles that are its foundation;

1. The Principle of Privacy
2. The Principle of Free Movement.
3. The Principle Unlimited Knowledge.
4. Lying is the blackest of crimes.
5. Free Discussion and Criticism.

Quite a shock, to the party of Victorians Wells portrays, the only favourable character being Mr. Barnstaple voicing Wells's own hopes and dreams. The Beautiful People of Utopia (with not a stitch on) meet the Ugly minded Earthlings, with their repressed Victorians values.

A dammed good view into the Victorian mind, and ones views on its society.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


In reconnoitring the 'Nottingham & Leicestershire Steam & Country Show' at Stanford Hall near Loughborough, way back in July on the 3rd. 2008, I was able to see a steam wagon, two traction engines, and a plethora of working scale steam engines. The gears, pistons, regulators, and steam whistles are all different in some way, whether its the scaled replicas, or the restored steam engines, it seems that every Victorian town had a workshop that made them their own way!

The other aspect of a show like this one, is that you can become a hunter (not a scavenger) of SteamPunk paraphernalia, a lot of stalls have what other people call junk, but we know better “what !”; cogs, gears, gagdes, brass doorknobs, and the like, and even Victorian lamps can be found. I myself bought a solid brass shoe-horn, very helpful when your servant is not to hand!

On the whole well worth the reconnoitre.