Wednesday, 3 June 2009

In to a parallel distant future, that could have been dreampt by, Hans Pfaall.

Upon reading the collection short stories (Kipling's Science Fiction ISBN 1-84677-128-5) from the master storyteller Rudyard Kipling, best known for the works of the Jungle Books and Kim. In witch by the year 2000, submersibles carry freight, and Aeroplanes are still just a bit of a reckless fad! Entitled 'With the Night Mail '(1905) and 'As Easy As A. B. C' (1912), Aeroplanes are the heaver than air coffins that only the most courageous of adventures would use to mount the stratosphere in a world governed by the 'Aerial Board of Control' and AirShips are the lords of the skies. Among other delightful tales are, 'The ship that found Herself' (1898) and '.007 - The Story of an American Locomotive ' (1897), giving a soul to an Iron ship, and a voice to an Iron-Horse, while 'Wireless' (1902 ) explores the new scientific apparatus of wireless telegraphy,. These are some of my best-loved stories.

This is not intended as a book review, more of a nod to the enlightened reader.

Seek out this book!

The Steam Brigaider