Thursday, 18 March 2010

A proper SteamPunk Tale!

While doing some background research on the British Empire, and the planed endeavor of the 'Cape to Cairo Railway ' (I think the Great War got in the way of that being finished), and its visionary Cecil Rhodes. His first draft of his Will & testament, asked of certain fellows to start a Secret Society to keep the British Empire going on in to the future, and for it to be the sole power and peacekeeper in the World!

This all lead to a novella by John Crowley first printed in 1989 called 'Great Work of Time' (based on what the Will & testament called for), that now can be found in a collection entitled 'Novelties and Souvenirs'. And should arrive by post in under a weeks time!

Time travel, and the British Empire written in the 1980's, that sounds like proper SteamPunk to me!!

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