Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Back in December 2008, I tried my best cybersleuthing to find out what the hell had happened to the next instalment of 'Jasper Morello', finding only old leads that lead to dead-ends, I took to posting to groups and forums with the cry of "Where the Hell is Jasper!"

You can see, an example bellow, from 'Dreams of Gears and Steam'. Thank to all who replied, and thank you so much Anthony Lucas.

Look, I may as well go off on a rant now.... With thousands SteamPunkers out there, someone must know somebody, who knows what's up!
Jasper Morello and the return of Claude Belgon ( The second voyage)
Jasper Morello and the Ghost of ALTO MEA ( The third voyage)
Jasper Morello and the Ebeneza of Gothia ( The forth voyage)

Melbourne-based director and co-writer of The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello - Anthony Lucas, back in 2005 was later reported to be working on two more shorts in January 2007, and the possibility of a feature film (Animated or live action), but all I can find is his latest little film 'My Rabit Hoppy' in May 2008 – Anyone with any more news!?

Dear Steam Brigadier,

Mark Shirrefs wrote two more scripts for the sequels to Jasper Morello, which went down well with SBS, BBC and other investors.
But regardless of the scripts, SBS has decided that they wont get behind the project, as it "wasn't a priority for the station".

To give you a snapshot of what you missed out on... willian Claude Belgon comes back a changed man, Jasper's wife Amelia has passed over, succumbed to plague, but her presence lingers and Claude's sister Wilhemnia Belgon has plans for her bother.

My animated feature film though, "The Aeronaut" is still in development with a script poised to be finished shortly.

stay tuned!

Anthony Lucas

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