Monday, 3 November 2008

Excerpts from facebook, and my cognitive adventures in the Ether! Part. II

In answering the topic on ones Steampunk Alter ego

How the 'the Steam Brigadier' came into being, and what he stands for!

The Steam Brigadier represents the mechanized arm of the New British Empire, in a future that may have been. His rank was inspired by the British cultural Hero (not a side-kick or a companion) 'The Brigadier' from the television Science Fiction series 'Dr. Who', who's ancestors (all of whom where military men) can be found in the novel 'The Dying Days' by Lance Parkin (1997).

Sbrigadier (for short) and SteamBrigadier have been nom de plumes floating around modern military exercises gathering strategies from the likes of 'Gear of War', and 'Halo 3', as well as on-line forums, on SteamPunk, and table-top strategy games for some time now, he is also the protagonist in the SteamPunk folly ' The unexpected undertakings of one of her Majesty's Steam-Troopers' which is found @ . The Steam Brigadier has also found himself as the custodian of 'Steam and Trenches' a Blog of sorts, located @ and unwittingly the Icon for the 'steampunk-depot' .

My Alter ego does not possess the characteristics of Sir harry Flashman, nor is he a devotee of Colonel Blimp's philosophy “War starts at Midnight!”, if an Analytical Engine can help the trajectory of an artillery shell, and a steam engine can be fitted with 'chain track' to go over obstacles on land, then all the better, and he is an avid reader of the works of General F. von Bernhardi - solely on logistics and modern military sense, of course! He is well travelled, and speaks with authority, his manners hide his frustration with foolish little upstarts, he has the tenacity of a Bulldog when looking for the truth, and thinks himself quite the Amateur sleuth.

In essence he is a defender of the realm (of SteamPunk), a soldier, and a gentleman.

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